Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Forest Fairy Woodland Ring

As i was looking at my tiaras i came up with something reeaally interesting!!

I want to have this woodland feeling to my everyday life! So that's how i came up with a ring!
The Forest woodland ring!

You can find it HERE!

I have so much in my mind right now and i want to make this and i want to make that....
as soon as i clear my mind i will come up with another color combination of this whimsical ring!

Oh!!! and this cute ring made it TWICE to the Etsy Front Page!! :)

Rubber bracelets!

You can find them HERE!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Martyrika / Christening Witness Brooches / Pins

These Martyrika / Christening witness brooches / pins feature a cyan / light blue shell cross, a cute ribbon bow, a blue eye and a boy with girl figure. So cute!! Perfect also for twins (boy-girl)

This listing is for 50 witness brooches and will be sent in a beautiful ivory box!
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Swarovski Chaton Bracelets have just launched in our shop!!

The DARK RED CORAL Bracelet!


Both so unique :) I am really exited!!
check them out here

Love Maria

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Harvest Boutonnieres !

My new harvest boutonnieres made of white pearl berries, orange berries, wheat and tree/forest rustic dried elements wrapped in a rustic twine all together giving a vintage look! Each boutonniere includes a pearl-tipped straight pin!

About 6.3" tall.

You can find them at my etsy shop: Mannia&Titta

Friday, October 14, 2011

My new bohemian wedding crowns STEFANA

Stefana with Lace
Bohemian Wedding Crowns
Stefana with orange and white berries
These whimsical wedding crowns also called ''Stefana'' between Orthodox Christians, are made with pearl white and orange berries giving a really rustic look to your wedding! 
Each crown measures approximately 7'' diameter sitting securely in the head.
The crowns have two cute cream lace bows connected with the same cream lace.

Also available in pearl white and yellow berries. Can be sold individually or customized in any size, child or adult, just measure the head circumference and let me know!

Please note that the crowns will be packed very carefully but no box is included in this listing.

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Mannia&Titta Stefana Bohemian

Monday, September 26, 2011

Set of 2 Fuchsia Wreaths for flower girls

Flower Girl Tiara / Wreath with Green and Fuchsia

Whimsical wreaths / headbands with small fuchsia roses and green berries all wrapped in a rustic vine wire base! A fuchsia ribbon is hanging on the back of the head band giving a romantic touch! 

This listing is for 2 wreaths measuring approximately 18 inches and are suitable for girls.
Can be worn as a headband, wreath or a tiara! It sits securely in the head.
They will make your flower girls look so cute!!

Also available in other colors (ROSES: white, yellow, blue, pink, black) or for BERRIES: yellow, pearl white or other red and woodland elements-please check the other wreaths in my shop).

Can be customized in any size, child or adult, just measure the head circumference and let me know!

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Thanks for looking!
Wedding Tiara Flower Girl Wreath Fuchsia Set of 2
Wedding Fuchsia Wreath
Wedding Tiara Flower Girl Wreath Fuchsia Set of 2
Set of 2 Flower girls bridesmaids
Wedding Tiara Flower Girl Wreath Fuchsia Set of 2
Cute Baby Girl Wreath

Swarovski Bracelet CRYSTAL CLEAR

Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

Diamond Wedding Bracelet

Genuine Swarovski Crystallized Chatons 8mm are securely attached to brass platina plated settings to make this beautiful eye-caching elastic bracelet!! 

The settings of this Swarovski Bracelet are brass platina plated, Pb-free (Lead Free) & Nickel-free therefore are highly resistant to water, do not tarnish or oxidize, are much more durable than the silver or gold plated settings and are completely hypoallergenic (NO allergic reactions). 

Looks fabulous any season day or night!

Although this Swarovski Bracelet is STRETCH there are 3 sizes available: 
SMALL: Approximately 15 cm (5.9 in) around the wrist. 
MEDIUM: Approximately 16.5cm (6.5 in) around the wrist.
LARGE: Approximately 18 cm (7.1 in) around the wrist.

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